Francoise Hardy and a red rose for Valentines Day

Who wants red roses for Saint Valentine’s Day when you can have a photograph of Françoise Hardy with a red rose instead?

Francoise H Tous les garcons 6

This is from CINÉMONDE magazine number 1492, dated 12 March 1963.  Sensational in colours, it says on the cover, about the “song in pictures” – Tous les garçons et les filles.  The article says Françoise wrote the song three years before when she was being trained at Mireille’s Le petit Conservatoire de la chanson.  Françoise role-plays scenes from the song with her friends Vic Laurens, Arielle and Zambo.  Here it is scene by scene and then finally in its entirety:

Cine Monde FH coverFrancoise H Tous les garcons 1

All the boys and girls my age are walking in the streets two by two

Francoise H Tous les garcons 2

Yes, but I’m alone in the streets, soul in torment

Francoise H Tous les garcons 3

Oh! When shall the sun shine for me?

Francoise H Tous les garcons 4

I wonder when the day will come when I too will have someone who loves me

Francoise H Tous les garcons 5

Luckily the story ends happily with a young chap turning up with a red rose for the lovely Françoise.

The article also says that Françoise found the guitar accompaniment (presumably on Tous les garçons et les filles but that’s not totally clear) too simplistic and she preferred violins and an organ.  I’m not sure about that myself, the arrangements on the song make it even more endearing – it doesn’t need anything more than it has as far as I’m concerned.  Also, interestingly it says her record which was to be released shortly was to be called L’Amour reviendra (Love will return).

Excuse the rough translations, any errors are totally my fault (but, hey!, I can’t help it if I’m not quite fluent, can I?!) – and enjoy Valentine’s Day with a red rose from Hero Culte and Françoise Hardy.

Francoise H