Jane Birkin and the Oscar nominated high speed train

Anyone who visits this site regularly knows I am mad about Jane Birkin. I recently received my DVD copy of Jane’s latest film – a short film called La femme et le TGV (trans. the woman and the high-speed train).  It’s a 30 minute film, incredibly well-made by Timo von Gunten, who both wrote and directed it.   The story, based on real events, is about a lady called Elise Lafontaine, who waves at the high-speed train each day when it passes her little house.  One day she receives a little note from the train driver and they become penfriends.  But things change when the route for the high-speed train is altered and the train no longer goes past Elise’s house.  I don’t want to give too much away because you really need to see it, but I will say it is a warm and funny film that more than deserved its Oscar nomination this year.  Unfortunately, it did not win the Oscar but it has already scooped up multiple awards because it is so excellent.If you go to the website here, you can pay to watch online or buy yourself a DVD copy, which has bonus features and the disc looks great because it is designed to look like a record.  It’s either £3.59 to watch on Vimeo or £12 to buy a DVD.  There are numerous subtitles, so language need not be a barrier!  And, look, here is Jane wearing the blouse which is now in my collection! http://www.tgv-movie.com/


My Favourite Stuff: Jane Birkin’s Blouse

Well, I am one happy bunny.  I am now the proud owner of Jane Birkin’s blouse as worn and seen in her latest film (a short) called La femme et le TGV (dir Timo von Gunten, 2016).

Jane Birkin Blouse We-ll_be_all_forgotten_sometimesJane wearing her blouse – now MY blouse!

I’ve not tried it on but I must admit I did sniff it to see if there was essence of Jane on the blouse – nothing doing, folks!  I shall treasure it and keep it very carefully with my other Jane Birkin memorabilia.

The film, which I have not seen yet aside from a trailer, will be available shortly.  I have pre-ordered a copy of the DVD, which will be sub-titled in several languages.  You can pre-order a copy yourself or even buy Jane’s cardigan or skirt, or other props from the film at very affordable prices here:  http://www.tgv-movie.com/tickets.html


La femme et le TGV will premiere at the Locarno Film Festival next week on 5 August 2016.  You can get tickets for the screening or you can buy a download or a DVD – or even just support the project with a donation (see the link above).  The film sounds lovely and I can’t wait to see it.

Many thanks to the TGV Movie Team for letting me buy the blouse and good luck with the premiere next week!