French pop advertising from the 1960s

As some of you may have noticed I have had a little break from blogging recently.  I can’t say I’m back with a vengeance but here’s a little post with some of the French pop advertisements I have come across in a few of my Mademoiselle Age Tendre and Salut Les Copains magazines:

French pop ad001

This looks like Guy Peellaert Sylvie Vartan artwork for Simon cleansing milk

French pop ad008

France Gall is rehearsing, apparently, with two cute dogs (Problème and Nougat) whilst wearing a “Guitare” dress – a lovely photo but not a fantastic advert in that, at a glance, I’m not sure what it’s selling!

French pop ad005

Stone is wearing her favourite skirt by Gérard Pasquier “Vingt-Ans”, very nice it is too

French pop ad009

Did Sheila really have her own shop?  Looks like she did or at least she had her own clothing range anyway

French pop ad004

Rika Zaraï chose Odilène “the label of the stars” and why not?

French pop ad002

Is this really Sheila?  Well, it looks like Sheila advertising something else – some natural care cream and some make-up remover but can I see an image of the product in the advert? No.  It looks like Sheila is selling a bathrobe or something!

French pop ad006

This looks like more Guy Peellaert style artwork again – this time Christine Delaroche is wearing a Fric Frac outfit that could be purchased at  Gérard Pasquier “Vingt-Ans”

French pop ad007

No one famous this time (I don’t think!) but I like the artwork – very like Peellaert again – this is for Heyraud “Hipnic” shoes.  If you want to be “in” you need to get some Hipnic American-Style shoes – I’ll take a pair of Bingo!

Evariste on French TV 5 March 1967

Continuing with the posts about Evariste’s television appearances, this one is from 05/03/67 – Nuit des élections (dir Raoul Sangla), broadcast on the 1ère chaîne.

Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 1

Evariste was interviewed by Georges de Caunes alongside superstar Sylvie Vartan:

Evariste Sylvie Vartan Varietes Elections 1967

To keep the “Mocker” hairdo in place, Evariste wore a hairgrip!

Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 2

The song on this show was Dans la lune, performed alongside a horde of adoring women:

Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 3Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 4Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 5Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 6Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 7Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 8Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 9Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 10Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 11

Dans la lune, dans la lune, Je caresse tes cheveux blonds

Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 12Evariste Varietes Elections 1967 13

Even though according to his lyrics he was dreaming of a lady with blonde hair, Evariste ends up walking off to “repopulate the world” with a brunette!

He might have been performing one of the gentler tracks, but he still had a tiger in his tank:

Evariste Varietes Elections 1967

And, guess what?  Serge Gainsbourg was next up on the show – standing on Evariste’s right (left as you watch the show).  I’ve met Evariste and he was (at least) once in the same room as Serge Gainsbourg!  Surely that means I’ve almost “met” Serge Gainsbourg?!!