An Evariste Special!

This is one of my favourite finds for my Évariste collection – the sheet music for Connais-tu l’animal qui inventa le calcul intégral? 

Evariste sheet music001 Evariste sheet music002

Who would have thought that even existed?

And to add to this, my friend Matt found this amazing Évariste film on Vimeo and sent me the link.  It’s called Aliénation et hiérarchie (ou l’anti-Dutronc) and it was made by Yves-Marie Mahé in 2012.  Watch it now, it’s absolutely amazing and there’s so much footage that you won’t have seen before (unless it’s just me who’s been missing out!).  Here are a few screen grabs to pique your interest:

Evariste film 1 Evariste film 2 Evariste film 3 Evariste film 4 Evariste film 5 Evariste film 6 Evariste film 7 Evariste film 8 Evariste film 9 Evariste film 10

Amazing, uh?  Thanks, Yves-Marie Mahé, for this wonderful short film!