Lost and Found: Wolf Cub Jubilee Scrapbook with Matchbooks

I like collecting other people’s collections – very lazy of me, I know.   I picked up Baloo’s scrapbook today at a car boot sale and loved the matchbooks, although I must admit I was a bit disappointed that he (guessing Baloo was a boy…) had cut them up to stick them in his book.  My favourite one is this French one below but I’ve scanned all the pages in (excuse any wonkiness or blurring as I didn’t want to damage the book):

Chamois Matchbook

Wolf Cub Scrapbook001 Wolf Cub Scrapbook002 Wolf Cub Scrapbook003 Wolf Cub Scrapbook004 Wolf Cub Scrapbook005 Wolf Cub Scrapbook006 Wolf Cub Scrapbook007 Wolf Cub Scrapbook008 Wolf Cub Scrapbook009 Wolf Cub Scrapbook010 Wolf Cub Scrapbook011