Primal Scream at The Garage, Nottingham

Back in the mid to late 1980s I was into indie bands – C86 and all of that.  Primal Scream, The Bodines and The Mighty Lemon Drops were my absolute favourites.  I saw them all as often as I could when they came to Nottingham.  Today I found these photographs I took of Primal Scream playing at The Garage in Nottingham some time in the 1980’s – sad to say I can’t even remember who was supporting them on this occasion or even the date of the gig.  Maybe someone can let me know.

The photos were taken with a basic point and click, no focus, built-in flash camera from Boots the Chemist – it was my dad’s and I borrowed it for the occasion as I didn’t have a camera myself.  So, nothing fancy and I’ve not cropped or touched these photos up or anything – here they are as they are.  Please remember, if you are going to share these photographs elsewhere on the internet or in print that you must credit them to me, Raechel Leigh Carter and the website Hero Culte.  Sorry to have to point that out – most people are decent enough to do that, but some people need it spelling out.  Anyway, here you go:

Primal Scream004 Primal Scream005 Primal Scream006 Primal Scream007 Primal Scream008 Primal Scream009 Primal Scream010 Primal Scream011 Primal Scream012 Primal Scream013 Primal Scream014 Primal Scream015 Primal Scream016 Primal Scream017 Primal Scream018 Primal Scream019 Primal Scream020 Primal Scream021 Primal Scream022 Primal Scream023

I’ve not liked anything Primal Scream have done since the Creation Records days so my love for them was very short-lived indeed!  Short-lived but intense.  I went off Primal Scream when Sonic Flower Groove came out as it just didn’t have the sound I had anticipated – I much preferred the bootleg live tapes I had back in those days.  So I moved on, but luckily for me being a fan of Primal Scream had introduced me to certain 1960s American garage punk and baroque pop bands so I had something to replace them with.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about some of those bands at some point.

Anyway, here are some really rather frightening autographs, artwork and notes from various members of Primal Scream (note that nobody ever writes my name correctly, even when I’m spelling it out for them):

Primal Scream001 Primal Scream002 Primal Scream003Primal Scream autographs001