Jane Birkin – the missing TV plays from the 1960s

A little while back I did an in-depth review of the 1967 Armchair Theatre play Poor Cherry which featured a very young and lovely Jane Birkin.  Jane also appeared in two more Armchair Theatre plays from 1965 (Armchair Mystery Theatre: The Finishing Touch) and 1968 (Armchair Theatre: Recount) but these are both believed to be missing.  With no chance of seeing them I thought it would be nice to find out a bit about both of these early appearances.  My friend Tim came up trumps with his TV Times archive and here are a few bits and pieces I found:

Recount 1aRecount 3aRecount 2aRecount 4a

No photos of Jane, unfortunately, but an interesting thing to note is that the TX date given elsewhere is 18 April 1968 and it’s clear from the TV Times that it was actually broadcast on 20 April 1968 – unless it’s a regional difference, of course.  There is one photo of Jane from Recount but it’s an agency photo so I guess I might be asked to remove it…

Jane Recount

Pity we can’t see this as she looks gorgeous here.  Next up, some bits and pieces about Poor Cherry to add to my previous article:

Poor Cherry 1aPoor Cherry 2aPoor Cherry 3aPoor Cherry 5aPoor Cherry 4a

Poor Cherry was broadcast on 9 September 1967.

Finally, The Finishing Touch:

Jane Birkin The Finishing Touch 1The Finishing Touch 2The Finishing Touch 3

Great photo of the cast and these articles are a good way of finding out a little more about the plays.  One thing to note, elsewhere this is referred to as That Finishing Touch but here it is clearly called The Finishing Touch.  The broadcast date was 18 July 1965 and this was Jane’s first appearance in a television show.  Hopefully one day the two lost episodes will be found and we’ll be able to see them but in the meantime the information from the TV Times is most useful.

Many thanks to Tim for letting me have access to his TV Times archive discs!