My Favourite Stuff: Halfnelson Sparks promo photo

A couple of years ago I found a promo photo of Halfnelson – the pre-Sparks band – in a Berlin flea market for a couple of euros or so.  It was kept somewhere “safe”, which meant that basically I haven’t been able to find it for the past couple of years.  It finally surfaced today and here it is:


I only recognised Russell – Ron looks very different, but pretty cool nonetheless.  A great photo and I even like the font on the Halfnelson stamp on the back of the image.  No doubt there will be more on Sparks on here at some point.

August 2013:  As a postscript to this original post, I should say that I was in Amsterdam recently and realised that I got this photograph of Halfnelson in Amsterdam and not Berlin as I previously though, because at one of the Amsterdam flea markets I found some other music photographs.  No more Halfnelson stuff unfortunately.  But this little Sparks treasure – below, a Muziek Parade photo postcard – was picked up in an Amsterdam film poster shop, of all places:

Sparks postcard