Some articles from 1960s music magazines

Here’s some more interesting stuff from (mainly American) music magazines from the 1960s.  They’re in no particular order:

The Electric Prunes

E Prunes001

The Beach Boys

Beach Boys001 Beach Boys002

Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo SF001

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy S001

Jefferson Airplane

JA001 JA002 Jefferson AP001 Jefferson AP002 Jefferson001

The McCoys

McCoys001 McCoys002

The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Strawberry AC001

The Blues Magoos

Blues Magoos001 Blues Magoos002

1910 Fruitgum Company / The Lemon Pipers

1910 Fruitgum001

The Byrds

Byrds001 Byrds002 Byrds003 Byrds004 Byrds005 Byrds006 Byrds009



The Turtles


Nico (or should I say Nicky?) with some bloke…


The Cryan’ Shames

Cryan Shames001

The Standells


The Box Tops / The Hollies

Box Tops Hollies001

The Troggs


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi H001

“Ten Groovy New Groups”

10 new bands001 10 new bands002 10 new bands003 10 new bands004 10 new bands005

These articles / photos are taken from the following magazines:  Movie Teen Illustrated July 1967, February 1968, July 1968, October 1968; Teen’s Top Ten March 1967; Datebook February 1967; Teen World February 1966; Music Echo 9 April 1966.

1960s drawings of pop stars

As someone who grew up reading Look-In magazine in the 1970s, I love drawings of pop culture figures.  In the Teen World and Movie Teen Illustrated magazines I bought recently in America they had loads of drawings of bands – and not just all mainstream bands, some totally unexpected.  Some are good, some not so good.  Here they are and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do:

Comic Music018

The Box Tops

Comic Music017

The Troggs

Comic Music016

Mick Jagger

Comic Music015

John Lennon

Comic Music014

Paul McCartney and Jane Asher

Comic Music013

Paul McCartney

Comic Music012

Herman’s Hermits

Comic Music011

George Harrison

Comic Music011 Donovan


Comic Music010

Bob Dylan

Comic Music009

The Human Beinz

Comic Music008

Jim Morrison

Comic Music007

The Bee Gees (look at those teeth and the evil guy lurking at the  back right, shiver!)

Comic Music006

Um, this is Mick Jagger!

Comic Music005

Mick Jagger

Comic Music004

Cream (another evil looking guy lurking around at the back…)

Comic Music003

John Lennon

Comic Music002

The Rolling Stones

Comic Music002 Dave Clark 5

The Dave Clark Five

Comic Music002 Byrds

The Byrds

Comic Music002 Beatles

The Beatles (but look at Ringo’s tiny legs!)

Comic Music001

Herman’s Hermits

Comic Music001 Sonny Cher

Sonny & Cher

Comic Music001 Ringo Maureen

Ringo & Maureen Starr

Comic Music001 Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

Comic Music001 Animals

The Animals

The Seeds in Movie Teen Illustrated, October 1968

Seeds Small Image

This is yet another treasure from my small San Francisco haul – still working my way through interesting stuff to post on here though!

Anyway, The Seeds – but not just The Seeds, it’s The Seeds in a teenagers’ magazine in October 1968.  There’s a little story about them going into an antiques store called Peddler and buying a lamp and a small chest of drawers – ROCK AND ROLL!  Only a snippet but still lovely to see one of my favourite bands making their way into teenage pop culture magazines, here it is for you to read for yourself:

Seeds002Seeds001More soon…


The Walker Brothers – teen magazine articles

Some more recent acquisitions – these teen magazine articles just have to be shared.  This first one is the best interview ever – Gary Walker is just the cat’s pyjamas!  My favourite quotes from Gary – “I love pigs”, “I’m a fun person, a sort of Hugh Hefner”, “Are there such things as Martians?” and “One day I’m gonna dress up in a gorilla skin and sit in the zoo.”  Mad as a box of frogs!  Without further ado, here’s the first article from Teen Life March 1967 – check out John’s heavy eyeliner and the Alvin Stardust style posing (I wonder if Alvin was a Walker Brothers fan…?):

Walker Bros001 Walker Bros002 Walker Bros003 Walker Bros004 Walker Bros005

The second article also comes from Teen Life, this one from December 1966.  Poor Scott, it must be so terrible being so handsome and all.  Favourite quote from this one is: “…[he] hovers gaunt and uneasily on his thin legs in the corner of the room”.  Scott may be an amazing singer/songwriter but he’s not a barrel of laughs!  Here you go:

Walker Bros006Walker Bros007Walker Bros009

This next one is from Movie Teen Illustrated July 1967.  This magazine is partly written by the teenage fans themselves but this article just provides some young girls’ thoughts on The Walker Brothers – “I’d die if I could only have one [of The Walker Brothers] and had to make a choice.”  Have them all, why not?!

Walker Bros011Walker Bros012

The Walker Brothers eyeing their loving fans!

This final picture is not from a teen magazine – it’s the cover of Music Echo 9 April 1966, when The Walker Brothers were number one in the charts.  Nice photo and worth sharing:

Walker Bros010

The Left Banke teen magazine press

The Left Banke are cutie pies (and “a long hair group” too apparently!) so it’s no wonder they featured in the American teen magazines in the 1960s.  I recently found a couple of magazines with articles about them and thought they should be shared.  Hope you like them:

Left Banke001

The above article is from a magazine called Teen’s Top Ten dated March 1967.

The second article is from a magazine called Movie Teen Illustrated dated July 1967:

Left Banke003

Teen’s Top Ten also included this little snippet about the band:

Left Banke002

I’m still hanging about a bit for the band to come over to the UK to play – please someone bring The Left Banke over here to do some shows soon!