Dubstar photos, The Lexington, 15 April 2013

Last week I posted a review of Dubstar’s gig at The Lexington in London and I promised that if my photographs came out okay I would post some on here.  Well, there were a few that are really quite good, thank goodness!

I use a Lomography Diana F+ camera and I was a bit worried as I only had daylight films left and the stage lighting was a little low but somehow there was enough light to get some good shots, particularly the photographs I took of Sarah, Steve and Chris after the gig; I quite like those ones.  Hope you like them too.  Just a couple of things to note: the camera is prone to light leaks so sometimes you get random colours showing up on the images, but I quite like these; also, I was stood behind two tall guys so I couldn’t always frame things very well – there were a lot more photos (I took 3 rolls) but quite a few had shoulders and hands at the edges of them.  Ne’er mind!

I love this first image despite the light leak – Sarah is the image of pure joy.


I’m very proud of these photos of the band members – Steve has such a lovely smile, Chris looks shy but cheeky and Sarah looks beautiful.

All photos taken by Raechel Leigh Carter on a Lomography Diana F+ camera using Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400.  Please credit me and the Hero Culte site if you’re going to post links to these photos on other sites and please request permission to use otherwise.