Louise Brooks photos

Back in the 1980s I started collecting photographs and postcards of Louise Brooks and Clara Bow and seeking out their films.  Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and it inevitably ends up being filed away in storage boxes – in the end it’s rarely looked at.  I decided to get some of my Louise Brooks collection out and scan it – here are some bits and pieces, nothing terribly surprising here and some of them have scanned better than others (the postcards scan pretty badly) but I thought I would share the pictures anyway:

Louise Brooks031Lulu002Louise Brooks002Louise Brooks001Louise Brooks036Louise Brooks032Louise Brooks033Louise Brooks004Louise Brooks005Louise Brooks022Louise Brooks009Louise Brooks023Lulu005Louise Brooks027Louise Brooks028Lulu004Lulu008Louise Brooks011Louise Brooks013Louise Brooks026Louise Brooks010Louise Brooks034Louise Brooks025Louise Brooks020Lulu006Lulu003Louise Brooks038Louise Brooks037Louise Brooks014Louise Brooks007Louise Brooks030Louise Brooks029Lulu007Louise Brooks008Louise Brooks003Lulu009Louise Brooks024Louise Brooks035Louise Brooks012Louise Brooks021

I still find her breathtakingly beautiful even after all this time.  More on Louise Brooks soon.