Francoise Hardy photos

Sorting through my stuff today, as you may be able to tell.  Here are a few scans of some Françoise Hardy press photos, along with a Dutch matchbox cover and a picture stamp.

These press photos from the UK reveal just how famous Françoise actually was over here in the 1960s:


This is a Françoise picture stamp from The Wonderful World of Pop & TV Stars “Picture Stamp Album” , published by F.K.S. in London in 1968:

Francoise Hardy Picture StampIf you want to see what else was in this amazing picture stamp book, which I’m very proud to own – especially as I can’t seem to find it anywhere else on the internet – see my post here.

Here’s a Dutch Vlinder match box cover:

Francoise H matchboxSome more press photos, but these ones don’t seem to be originals like the lovely ones above – the scan quality is not as good, so apologies for that.  Two from Grand Prix (1966, dir John Frankenheimer):

Francoise Hardy Grand PrixWith Antonio SabàtoFrancoise011

Not sure what this one is from – nice shot though:Francoise012

And, finally, here’s another original I bought in the flea market in Paris in December:


No details with this one, but I have reason to believe it was taken on 12 April 1968 when Françoise went to see The Rolling Stones in concert at the Olympia with Jacques Dutronc.  I only say that because she appears to be wearing the same outfit and hat as she was on that evening, so don’t quote me on it!