The Walker Brothers – teen magazine articles

Some more recent acquisitions – these teen magazine articles just have to be shared.  This first one is the best interview ever – Gary Walker is just the cat’s pyjamas!  My favourite quotes from Gary – “I love pigs”, “I’m a fun person, a sort of Hugh Hefner”, “Are there such things as Martians?” and “One day I’m gonna dress up in a gorilla skin and sit in the zoo.”  Mad as a box of frogs!  Without further ado, here’s the first article from Teen Life March 1967 – check out John’s heavy eyeliner and the Alvin Stardust style posing (I wonder if Alvin was a Walker Brothers fan…?):

Walker Bros001 Walker Bros002 Walker Bros003 Walker Bros004 Walker Bros005

The second article also comes from Teen Life, this one from December 1966.  Poor Scott, it must be so terrible being so handsome and all.  Favourite quote from this one is: “…[he] hovers gaunt and uneasily on his thin legs in the corner of the room”.  Scott may be an amazing singer/songwriter but he’s not a barrel of laughs!  Here you go:

Walker Bros006Walker Bros007Walker Bros009

This next one is from Movie Teen Illustrated July 1967.  This magazine is partly written by the teenage fans themselves but this article just provides some young girls’ thoughts on The Walker Brothers – “I’d die if I could only have one [of The Walker Brothers] and had to make a choice.”  Have them all, why not?!

Walker Bros011Walker Bros012

The Walker Brothers eyeing their loving fans!

This final picture is not from a teen magazine – it’s the cover of Music Echo 9 April 1966, when The Walker Brothers were number one in the charts.  Nice photo and worth sharing:

Walker Bros010