Edouard My Name is Edouard rare British interview and video

This is really exciting – I met a film maker called John Crome who told me that in the 1960s he filmed Edouard singing My Name is Edouard and doing an interview in English for the TV show A Whole Scene Going.  John is not even sure this video was ever shown at the time but I have great pleasure to tell you that he gave me a copy of the video and has now uploaded it to YouTube to share it with everyone, along with some other amazing music and cultural clips he directed in the 1960s.  I’m sure you’ll find them of interest.  You can find the Edouard video here.  You can find the rest of John Crome’s videos here.

Edouard 1 Edouard 2 Edouard 3 Edouard 4

Discorama Beatnik Special 30 May 1966

From time to time I get French TV shows sent to me through the post – sometimes they are truly exciting.  This is one of those TV shows that is really worth watching and not only because Michel Polnareff is on it performing, yet again, La poupée qui fait non: 

Discorama, 30 May 1966, director Raoul Sangla

Discorama May 66 1

Why a Beatnik Special?  Well, because as Michel Sardou says in his song Les Beatnicks, they are the subject we are talking about.  The beatnik movement was a bandwagon a lot of people jumped on back then, I guess.  Sardou looks well on it and who’d have guessed he’d do a track like this considering what he became?  I’d never heard it before but enjoyed it very much.  By the way, Sardou says the beatniks have hair and it’s what gives them their strength – more on long hair later!

Discorama May 66 2 Discorama May 66 3

I don’t know if Michel Sardou ever really was a beatnik but next up, here’s someone who was…

…one of my special boys – Michel Polnareff.  Sigh!  This is his third TV appearance with his smash hit La poupée qui fait non and he looks so pretty here.  For the beginning of the appearance he is joined by his cute hamster Véronique.

Discorama May 66 4 Discorama May 66 5 Discorama May 66 6 Discorama May 66 7 Discorama May 66 8 Discorama May 66 9 Discorama May 66 10 Discorama May 66 11 Discorama May 66 12 Discorama May 66 13 Discorama May 66 14 Discorama May 66 15 Discorama May 66 16 Discorama May 66 17 Discorama May 66 18 Discorama May 66 19

Next up is Stone – a girl in trousers going for that androgynous look with her Brian Jones style haircut.  I wouldn’t mind but I really hate that black and white suit she seemed to wear quite a lot back then.  She’s cute though.  This track C’est ma vie (It’s My Life) was written for her by Eric Charden, who later became her singing partner and husband.  It’s quite good.  As in Sardou’s Les beatnicks, the lyrics of this one indicate that people laugh at the beatniks.  But Stone says she chose her life and wants to be the way she is – a common theme with the young singers back then.  Not quite sure why Stone has to be “stage directed” by the sexy beatnik guy (Is it Eric Charden?  It could be – he looks lovely with this image if it is him) but it is quite amusing to see her being beckoned down from the roof and directed to dance and then directed to exit!

Discorama May 66 20 Discorama May 66 21 Discorama May 66 22 Discorama May 66 23 Discorama May 66 24 Discorama May 66 25 Discorama May 66 26 Discorama May 66 27 Discorama May 66 28Discorama May 66 29

Next, one of the most exciting English rockers, Screaming Lord Sutch – appearing here without The Savages to lip synch The Train Kept a-Rollin’.  Can I just say, Lord Sutch looks very sexy here in his caveman gear and cape (and, no, I’m not joking!).

Discorama May 66 30 Discorama May 66 31 Discorama May 66 32 Discorama May 66 33 Discorama May 66 34 Discorama May 66 35 Discorama May 66 36 Discorama May 66 37 Discorama May 66 38 Discorama May 66 39 Discorama May 66 40 Discorama May 66 41 Discorama May 66 42

That’s just a bit too much excitement, what with Lord Sutch flashing his nipple and all.  Anyway, next up a great garagey-folky track from Elsa called Ailleurs.  You can find this track on the rather wonderful Swinging Mademoiselles (Vol 1) LP, which is where I know it from.  It’s about travelling the world, probably by hitch-hiking.  Beatniks!  A great song but not a massively inspiring performance here, hence not so many screengrabs.  Sorry, Elsa!

Discorama May 66 43 Discorama May 66 44 Discorama May 66 45 Discorama May 66 46

The next track is a treat – Édouard performing My Name is Édouard complete with his long wig, apparently a parody of Antoine with his harmonica etc.  Looking at him close-up, this Édouard guy looks quite cute so it’s a shame he has his Cousin Itt wig on.  Regardless of whether or not he’s taking the p***, this is a great little rockin’ number about meeting a girl in Liverpool and not being able to communicate with her because all he can say in English is “My name is Édouard”.  The saddest line of the song:  At her place, there aren’t any chairs.  Sob!  Still, it’s okay cos Édouard can sit on his hair.

Discorama May 66 47 Discorama May 66 48 Discorama May 66 49 Discorama May 66 50 Discorama May 66 51 Discorama May 66 52

Apparently Édouard is the songwriter Jean-Michel Rivat, who wrote the wonderful Bébé requin for France Gall.  It’s a shame Édouard was just a joke, but this is such a catchy track I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it.  It’s lots of fun anyway.

It’s another shame – the show closes with The Beatles doing Help!… I don’t hate The Beatles but for me they’re a bit over-played and a bit over-rated.  My favourite UK beat band were The Troggs, who were much more edgy.  But that’s just my opinion.  Here’s a few screengrabs to make amends but that’s all you’re getting!

Discorama May 66 53 Discorama May 66 54 Discorama May 66 55 Discorama May 66 56 Discorama May 66 57