Francoise Hardy on Film: Une balle au coeur

I haven’t posted anything about Françoise Hardy for a little while but today I’ve been looking through back issues of Continental Film Review and I’ve found a few bits and pieces about her that I thought I should share.

Francoise Hardy Balle 1

Francoise Hardy Balle 2

I’ve not yet managed to obtain a copy of Une balle au coeur so it was interesting to find this report about the film and some shots of Françoise and Sami Frey working on it.  This is from the August 1965 issue of Continental Film Review:

Francoise Hardy Une balle001Francoise Hardy Une balle002

It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway – if you have this film, please get in touch as I’d love to see it.  Thanks!

Who Are You, Leonie Lousseau? Pt 5

Charles Matton001 Charles Matton002

In my last post about  Léonie Lousseau I mentioned that she had made an appearance in Charles Matton’s 1972 film L’Italien des roses – a film which I haven’t been to get my hands on yet.  But today whilst reading my back issues of Continental Film Review  (April 1972 issue) I came across this article about the film.  No mention of Léonie of course (I suspect she had a very small supporting role) but at least it gives you an idea what the film is like.  If I find anything else I’ll post it, obviously.  And if anyone has the film, please get in touch as I’d love a copy.

Another article from Continental Film Review (October 1972 issue):

Italian Roses003Italian Roses001Italian Roses002