Get The Zombies in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I’ve written about The Zombies on here before – they’re one of my top bands.  I went to see them last week when they played The Komedia at Bath and they were absolutely wonderful, even better than when we saw them in Bristol a couple of years ago.  They played a great set, ranging from 1964 to the current day with their latest album Still Got That Hunger – of the tracks they played from this album Edge of the Rainbow sounds particularly good live.

Here’s the set list – it was in two parts (we got part two and managed to nab a photograph of the other half):


And here’s a few photos of the band courtesy of Dave Tinkham at Datapanik Design:


The Komedia is a really nice venue with excellent sound quality and we managed to bag ourselves seats on the front row.  Everyone in the audience was enthusiastic; there were some people in the row behind us who were singing along doing harmonies and they had really great voices, which makes a change and was nice to hear.  There were standing ovations for The Zombies and everybody sang along with the encore God Gave Rock and Roll To You.  What a wonderful night it was!

If you go and see The Zombies – and I recommend that you do – be sure to go to their merchandise stall; Colin and Rod sign pretty much everything and there’s no extra charge for that.  I bought myself a signed Zombies Christmas decoration this year!

Anyway, here’s the thing:  during the concert Rod Argent said that The Zombies have been nominated for a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  They definitely deserve a place (if they want one!), so I have been voting for them every day since the concert.  You can vote once a day until 5 December 2017.  It would be really nice if they got voted in, so please vote for The Zombies if you are willing / able.  You can do it here:  VOTE FOR THE ZOMBIES!


The Zombies vs The Daleks

I love The Zombies.  I bought this Fabulous magazine today just because they were in it.  It was a bit pricey but, get this, they’re in a photo story with Screaming Lord Sutch, Adrienne Posta and the Daleks!


There’s also a short interview with The Zombies and a two page colour poster:


I went to see The Zombies in concert at the Tunnels in Bristol in May 2012 and they were amazingly good.  They seem like lovely chaps too – they sell signed merchandise and you can buy items from just a few pounds.  Whilst I was buying some of the merchandise – a poster and a book about The Zombies – my boyfriend saw Colin Blunstone and asked him to sign my Odessey and Oracle LP for me (Polish issue, original version – but without the fabulous artwork of the UK issue; as it’s one of my favourite albums ever I need to track down an original UK copy at an affordable price some time…):


It was an amazing set they played.  Here’s the set list etc from the gig:


And here are some of my photographs – the ones of Colin are a bit too close but I was stood right at the front of a small venue with my Diana F+ camera, which you can’t control too much.  There are a couple of funny ones of Rod Argent progging out on the keyboards – I used the bulb flash for a long exposure to get him shaking his head about:


My pictures are not that great, I know, but here are some better ones taken on an Olympus Trip 35 by Dave Tinkham of Datapanik Design:

zombies01 zombies02 zombies03 zombies04 zombies05 zombies06 zombies07 zombies08 zombies09 zombies10 zombies11 zombies12 zombies13 zombies14 zombies15 zombies16Photos copyright Dave Tinkham, Datapanik Design.

I would recommend going to see The Zombies in concert when you can.  You can find out more on their official website and on Colin Blunstone’s personal website.