Do you remember the first time?

I recently found this article in an old copy of Cosmopolitan magazine from November 1973.  It involves “tree love”, kissing cousins, cherry cola trade-offs and witchcraft and just had to be shared:

Roger Vadim – the earth shook…

Samantha Eggar – No way, Jose!

Sally Kellerman – Twenty-five… twenty-four… twenty-three…

Michael Caine – the best teacher I ever had

Linda Lovelace – thinking about it…

Elizabeth Taylor – leaving it up to you

Omar Sharif – scared and stupid

Laurence Harvey – if I dirtied my velvet suit my mother would be very cross indeed…

Faye Dunaway – deeply embedded guilt

Sean Connery – playing doctors and nurses

Sacha Distel  – I put a lot of pressure on her

Carroll Baker – everybody should take as much as they want

Mae West – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Oliver Reed – positively bedewed with innocence

Brigitte Bardot – BBeautifully

David Niven – Wash your dickybird!

Leslie Caron – Give me three minutes…

Adrienne Corri – so bloody cheerful

Charles Bronson – not completely satisfactory…

Serge Gainsbourg related: Come Dance With Me film memorabilia

Here’s some more Gainsbourg related film memorabilia from my collection – another £1 special.  Serge gets a small mention in the cast list but not in the main listing at the bottom:

English language press synopsis for Michel Boisrond’s 1959 film Voulez-vous danser avec moi?

Serge Voulez Vous001

Serge the Banjo Man

I recently discovered a fabulous clip of Serge Gainsbourg on a TV show with Dan the Banjo Man (Sport en fête, 17 March 1974) of all people!  The band (well, duo) performed the instrumental Dan the Banjo Man whilst Serge and Michel Drucker, and some other guy I don’t know, sat at the front of the stage with their backs turned to the band.  Serge somehow managed to look ever so slightly bored – I’m not sure how because this is exciting stuff.  Dan the Banjo Man were really going for it, complete with full crazy face paint and jester outfits, but all Serge could do was light up a cigarette and provide a smokey atmosphere.  This is something I never imagined could happen – Serge with Dan the Banjo Man!

Dan the Banjo Man 1 Dan the Banjo Man 2 Dan the Banjo Man 3 Dan the Banjo Man 4 Dan the Banjo Man 5 Dan the Banjo Man 6 Dan the Banjo Man 7 Dan the Banjo Man 8

It was only a couple of days after this that I was given a copy of a TV show that was never broadcast – a version of Tilt Magazine from 28 February 1968.  The vast majority of the show seemed to be on a Bonnie & Clyde theme and Michel Drucker (yes, him again!) had Serge on the show, of course.  Maybe Bardot was not available that day so Serge could hardly do Bonnie & Clyde without her; instead Les Ballets de Victor Upshaw danced to an instrumental version of the song and Serge played along on banjo – amazing!

Bonnie & Clyde 1Bonnie & Clyde 2Bonnie & Clyde 3Bonnie & Clyde 4Bonnie & Clyde 5Bonnie & Clyde 6Bonnie & Clyde 7

This footage of Serge playing a stringed instrument – not the norm, you must admit – reminded me of a couple of other appearances where he played guitar and mandolin:

Top a Jacques Dutronc 4Top a Jacques Dutronc 3Top a Jacques Dutronc 2Top a Jacques Dutronc 1

This is from the 2 March 1974 Top à Jacques Dutronc show – Jacques and Serge play mandolin with Le Mandoline Club de Paris.

And this is Serge using the guitar as a bass for the bass line in La bise aux hippies as performed on the Show Bardot (1 January 1968) with Bardot and Sacha Distel:

La bise aux hippies 1La bise aux hippies 2La bise aux hippies 3La bise aux hippies 4La bise aux hippies 5La bise aux hippies 6La bise aux hippies 7La bise aux hippies 8La bise aux hippies 9La bise aux hippies 10La bise aux hippies 11

That’s a really nice glittery guitar Serge and Brigitte use in this video…

Anyway, just saying – Serge didn’t just play the piano, you know!