My Favourite Stuff: the dullest film still ever Charlotte For Ever

You know me, I love Serge Gainsbourg, but why on earth did I shell out my hard-earned cash for this – possibly the dullest film still ever?

Serge Charlotte For Ever001

Obviously because it is Serge related.  But I have seen Charlotte For Ever and this still tells you nothing about the film at all.  Interestingly, the label on the back indicates that the film was shown (presumably with English subs) at the NFT in London.

Serge Charlotte For Ever002

This was in 1992 – sadly I missed the screening then, although having seen it since then I didn’t miss ever such a lot.  Let’s say it’s not my favourite Gainsbourg film.  I’ll have to do a review some time to explain why.

What I am sad about missing is Stan The Flasher, which was also shown as part of the same season at the NFT.  I have the French language DVD but I would have loved to have seen it on the big screen with English subs.  I remember enjoying Stan The Flasher a whole lot more than Charlotte For Ever but I’ll have to re-watch it soon to check that it’s not my memory deceiving me…