Get The Zombies in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I’ve written about The Zombies on here before – they’re one of my top bands.  I went to see them last week when they played The Komedia at Bath and they were absolutely wonderful, even better than when we saw them in Bristol a couple of years ago.  They played a great set, ranging from 1964 to the current day with their latest album Still Got That Hunger – of the tracks they played from this album Edge of the Rainbow sounds particularly good live.

Here’s the set list – it was in two parts (we got part two and managed to nab a photograph of the other half):


And here’s a few photos of the band courtesy of Dave Tinkham at Datapanik Design:


The Komedia is a really nice venue with excellent sound quality and we managed to bag ourselves seats on the front row.  Everyone in the audience was enthusiastic; there were some people in the row behind us who were singing along doing harmonies and they had really great voices, which makes a change and was nice to hear.  There were standing ovations for The Zombies and everybody sang along with the encore God Gave Rock and Roll To You.  What a wonderful night it was!

If you go and see The Zombies – and I recommend that you do – be sure to go to their merchandise stall; Colin and Rod sign pretty much everything and there’s no extra charge for that.  I bought myself a signed Zombies Christmas decoration this year!

Anyway, here’s the thing:  during the concert Rod Argent said that The Zombies have been nominated for a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  They definitely deserve a place (if they want one!), so I have been voting for them every day since the concert.  You can vote once a day until 5 December 2017.  It would be really nice if they got voted in, so please vote for The Zombies if you are willing / able.  You can do it here:  VOTE FOR THE ZOMBIES!


Kelley Stoltz at St James’ Wine Vaults in Bath

On 4 March 2014 the American musician Kelley Stoltz came to town to play his particular brand of offbeat music for the people of Bath as part of his Winter Exposure Tour.  We don’t get many interesting gigs in Bath so it was quite exciting to see Kelley Stoltz and his band in such a small local venue and it was thanks to Raves From The Grave that this came to pass.

Whilst a small venue might be good for “intimacy” reasons, there were problems associated with that, of course, as this particular venue resembles a very small, long dark tunnel with scant lighting – unless you’re at the front, you’re unlikely to get a good view or any good photographs.

I made do with just listening from the sidelines for the most part but for a brief period I made my way down the front (being small has its perks – people let you get down the front with no questions asked) and I took a few photographs with the Olympus Trip:

stoltz01 stoltz02 stoltz03 stoltz04 stoltz05

I have a lot of faith in my reliable Olympus Trip but even I over-estimated it on this occasion – there were photos of other band members but as they were further back on the stage and the lighting was abysmal, even the Olympus Trip couldn’t convert the dim light into good images.  I just can’t bring myself to blind anyone with the overly-powerful flash though!

Anyway, it was an excellent gig and the first time in ages that I have seen a contemporary band that I have enjoyed so much. Given that it was such a successful evening, I am hoping that Raves From The Grave will organise some other exciting live music in Bath again soon.