Margaret Lee in Stop Magazine

Here’s an article about one of my favourite actresses: Margaret Lee.  It’s from a French magazine called Stop (issue no 28).   There’s no interview as such – it just says that the readers of Stop magazine had written in requesting to see more of Margaret and, of course, Stop magazine were only too happy to oblige with several pages of photos (some topless).

The article says that Margaret was engaged as Marilyn Monroe’s double for the film Something’s Got to Give (and looking at the photos in Stop you can see why) but that she had recently made an appearance in an Italian film called Avventura al motel (dir Renato Polselli, 1963).  I haven’t see that film but it seems it is little more than a series of sketches about a number of people who were having illicit affairs in a motel.  They seemed to have a lot of those silly sketch films in Italy in the early 1960s – I’m sure Margaret could have been used to better effect elsewhere, but I guess she always looked fabulous so what the hell, eh?

Anyway, judge for yourself – here she is:

margaret-lee---stop001 margaret-lee---stop002 margaret-lee---stop003 margaret-lee---stop004