My Favourite Stuff: Julian Maclaren-Ross artwork

Yesterday I posted about Julian Maclaren-Ross on a BBC documentary and then I got to thinking that maybe I had never posted a photograph of my Julian Maclaren-Ross artwork.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t, so here’s a photo of the little poster he made for, I guess, the (unmade) television play My Name is Love (The Girl in the Spotlight) as the woman seems to be Sonia Orwell.  It would be from about 1961 if that’s the case, maybe? 

Excuse the angle and any glare, I bought the picture framed and although it’s badly framed I have left it that way for now, which makes it hard to photograph.  I really love the picture and his naive artwork – it makes me smile every time I pass it in the hallway.  It’s nice to have something as unusual as this in my collection, a drawing (coloured-in too!) by one of my favourite writers to accompany a piece of his work.  I’m such a fan-girl, aren’t I?


My Favourite Stuff: Mexican Pulp Art by Avina Jr

Although this ranks amongst my favourite stuff, it’s not actually “my stuff”.  This original pulp magazine artwork belongs to my boyfriend – we found it recently in San Francisco at the amazing Vintage Paper Fair (you have to go there if you can!) on a movie memorabilia stall and luckily got it for a good price.  The stall owner – a really nice guy – told us that the artwork was used in Mexican true crime magazines but unfortunately he couldn’t recall the name of the magazine.  He had even more of this artwork but had already sold some of it along with the original magazines the artwork had been designed for, showing the pictures on the magazine covers.  These four paintings were all that he had left, so Dave bought them; I’d have bought them if he hadn’t.

Anyway, the artist signs himself (or herself) as Aviña Jr.  Does anyone know anything about this artist? Or which magazines these pictures are from? I’m not sure they’re from true crime magazines as they’re all lovely ladies but they could be from pulp magazines of some description maybe?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  I really love the colours and the artist’s shading methods and the vignette of Vincent Price (it looks just like him, doesn’t it?) in the corner of one of the paintings:

alvina01 alvina02 alvina03 alvina04