Barry Ryan is a Man Alive!

Weekend Barry Ryan Cover

Isn’t this the most amazing Weekend cover you have ever seen?  This tells the story of when Barry Ryan suffered burns to his face during promotional activities in Germany.  A very strange story, but nonetheless in keeping with Barry Ryan’s particular brand of operatic pop – melodramatic and exciting!

Here’s the full story in case you’ve not read it before:

Weekend Barry Ryan 1Weekend Barry Ryan 2Weekend Barry Ryan 3

To add to this, I thought I’d share the signed promotional card I bought at a flea market in Berlin.  The German lady who sold it to me said “Paul und Barry Ryan – Eloise!”.  Ha ha!


There’ll be more on Hero Culte about Barry Ryan at a future date.

Postscript:  I recently (August 2013) found this Muziek Parade Dutch photo postcard of Barry Ryan whilst on holiday in Amsterdam so thought I should share it:

Barry Ryan postcard