The Three Bs – Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Theda Bara

Some time in the early 1990’s I found a box of Picture Show Art Supplement pages in a second hand book shop in Nottingham.  I sat for ages looking through every single page in the box to see if there were any articles or photos of my favourite silent movie star girls.  I was thrilled to find a few articles about Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Theda Bara, plus some others like Alla Nazimova and Pola Negri.

Oddly, of my three favourite silent movie actresses, two of them (Clara Bow and Theda Bara) have the same birthday as me – no wonder I like them so much!  Anyway, in my collection I have 23 Clara Bow films, 9 Louise Brooks films (plus a couple of documentaries about her) and just 2 Theda Bara films.  Despite having so many Clara Bow films, I found that amongst the PSAS extracts there were articles on or photographs from 5 films I don’t have.  Maybe I’ll track them down one day.

Here are the scans I have made of the articles – excuse the age spots on some of them, it can’t be helped when you consider how old they are:

Clara Bow in Kick In – date of magazine unknown

Clara Bow in The Shadow of the Law, 26 June 1926

Clara Bow in The Ancient Mariner, 25 December 1926

Clara Bow in Call Her Savage, 22 April 1933

Clara Bow in Helen’s Babies, 20 June 1925

Clara Bow in Wine, 16 May 1925

Clara Bow in The Plastic Age, 14 August 1926

Clara Bow in It, 1 October 1927

Theda Bara in The Red Rose, 12 June 1920

Theda Bara is number 71, 4 August 1923

Louise Brooks in Beggars of Life, 29 June 1929

Louise Brooks in It’s The Old Army Game, 21 May 1927

Louise Brooks Picture Show stamp, 8 November 1930

I’ll write more about the films of Bow, Brooks and Bara at a later date.