About Hero Culte

Welcome to my site Hero Culte which is a companion piece to my Klaus Kinski blog Du dumme Sau! Here I will ramble on about the cult of the hero in popular culture with particular reference to my own heroes; or I might just post some great photos of my heroes and things I like instead.

Some time ago I started writing a book about heroes and hero worship but it’s been sitting in the bottom drawer for some time now, so this site will give me the chance to re-visit it and make use of some of the pieces I’ve already been working on and some of the ideas I’ve been gathering.

Expect to see stuff on here about:  Serge Gainsbourg (my number one super guy); Michel Polnareff; Jane Birkin; Julian Maclaren-Ross; Sky Saxon of The Seeds; RoBERT; Vincent Gallo; Alan Sillitoe; Mylène Farmer; Kurt Vonnegut; Françoise Hardy; Antoine (of Antoine et les Problèmes); Billy Mackenzie; Clara Bow; Louise Brooks; Jacques Dutronc; Delphine Seyrig; Jean-Louis Trintignant; Sparks; The Left Banke; and much more.

In case you’re wondering where the name Hero Culte comes from – I had a thought some time ago when I was listening to Serge Gainsbourg’s Cargo Culte from the Histoire de Melody Nelson album, wondering if you could become a hero by acting like your heroes (in the same way that the Cargo Cult people believe that the cargo is rightly theirs and that they just need to imitate the behaviour of the cargo owners for the cargo to be given to them instead).  So Cargo Culte became Hero Culte.  Needless to say the experiments I tried out did not work and I am in no way a hero figure, but then again I mainly like anti-heroes so perhaps it is just as well…

The first post to follow shortly.

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