A 25th anniversary special: Bodily Functions with Serge Gainsbourg

Yes, sad to say, on Wednesday it was 25 years since Serge died – I would say the world’s not the same without him, but he left us so much to remember him for that it’s almost as if he’s still here.  On Wednesday I rewatched the film Charlotte For Ever (if you’ve ever seen it, you will understand how much I have to love Serge to sit through it again – it’s really not his best effort, is it?).   So, courtesy of Charlotte For Ever, here is my Serge Gainsbourg 25th anniversary special:

Serge loved talking about farting, pee-pee, poo-poo, &c so what could be more apt than sharing some of his bodily functions with you for a bad taste tribute?  If nothing else it will shock the shockable and give people even more reason to think he’s a reprobate.  Perfect!

(One word of caution, when watching the film I was fine with the chuck-up scene, but when I had to watch it repeatedly to get the screen grabs, I nearly chucked-up myself.  Twice.)

Over to Serge:

Qui est “in”, qui est “out”

CFE Chuck Up 1CFE Chuck Up 2CFE Chuck Up 3CFE Chuck Up 4

I hope he washed that glove afterwards…

Initials Pee-Pee

CFE Peepee 1CFE Peepee 2CFE Peepee 3CFE Peepee 4

Hard to capture a good shot of Serge’s pee-stream, but you can see his pee-pee in shot number 2 (if you really want to! Note, he’s not a good aim…) and I have circled in shot number 3 where he peed on his lovely Repetto shoe.  You get a flash of his pubes but you don’t get to see his petit boudin, ha ha!  And, no, he didn’t wash his hand / glove afterwards…

Morveuses Nouvelles des Étoiles*

CFE Snot Bubble 1CFE Snot Bubble 2

Save the best for last, eh?  Serge Gainsbourg the Snot Gobbler – he didn’t use a hankie, he just sucked it back up.  Lovely stuff!

* I know, I know, not the best pun but I try…

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little tribute to Serge in all its gory detail but try and remember him for all the good stuff he has given us – what a legend!