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Conspiracy theory number one: the Moon Room message in The Shining

I recently watched this great documentary Room 237 about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, directed by Rodney Ascher.  Basically, it is full of theories from Kubrick enthusiasts about the true meaning of the film.  My favourite theory from those offered up was that Stanley Kubrick had been involved in filming to assist with “faking” of the Apollo moon landing footage and that he had provided clues to this in The Shining.

Shining 1 Shining 2 Shining 3

The main clue, the theory goes, being that Kubrick changed the room number from room 217 to room 237 because the mean distance of the moon from the earth is 237,000 miles and room 237 is therefore “the Moon room”.  Obviously.

Shining 4

And when young Danny goes to room 237 (or “the Moon room”, if you will), he sees this key dangling from the lock.  I’m going to quote directly now: “There’s a key in the lock and on the key is the word room and then the word N O, which is an old acronym for number; so room number 237.  Except that the only capital letters on the key are R, O, O, M and then the N from the acronym N O.  And there’s only two words that you can come up with that have those letters in them – and that’s moon and room.”

Right – yes, you can spell MOON and you can spell ROOM, but not BOTH OF THEM with just ROOM N.  The one word you can get from ROOM N is actually MORON.  And I think I’m right in saying this, I actually believe that this was Stanley Kubrick’s way of telling us something else.  Nothing related to the Apollo landing at all.  No, not that.

What I think Stanley Kubrick was actually telling us was that Maroon 5 are evil and we shouldn’t ever buy their records. Never, ever.  Because, right, MORON sounds like Maroon, doesn’t it?    If you add 2, 3 and 7 together you get 12, which is not 5 but it’s not far off.  And if you add 2 and 3 together you get 5.  And if you take 2 away from 7, you get 5.  So it nearly says Maroon 5 and that, obviously, is Stanley Kubrick’s way of saying that Maroon 5 is like Room 237 – and you have to stay out of Room 237 – so if you go to Room 237 (Maroon 5), then you end up with a bruised neck or you end up caressing the body of a dead woman, like what Jack Nicholson did.

That’s what Maroon 5 is like – a bruised neck and caressing the rotting body of a dead woman.  It’s not a good thing, so stay away from Maroon 5, okay?

That’s Stanley Kubrick saying that and not me.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it anyway…



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