My Favourite Stuff: original artwork by Daniel Green

I’m really pleased to see that Daniel Green, an artist from San Francisco’s Creativity Explored, has his first solo show there.  If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco you should go along and check out his amazing artwork in his exhibition, Daniel Green Days of our Lives.  It’s on until 4 March 2015.

I went to San Francisco last year and me and my boyfriend found Creativity Explored by accident; a very happy accident.  We came away with a joint purchase of one of Daniel Green’s pieces (drawing on wood).  I don’t know what it’s called but that’s the two guys from Air Supply there – I love it.

Daniel uses entertainment and pop culture references in all of his work, so it’s right at home on Hero Culte and in our home.  He also lists dates, songs and titles of TV shows in his work.  There were other works we wanted to buy but space in the suitcases was limited.  I’m pretty sure there was one listing which celebrities liked Junior Mints, including Chuck Norris. (I may have made that up?!)  In any case, I would have loved that one real or not!

Daniel Green

Daniel Green artwork

PS  Apparently the Junior Mints artwork was by another artist from Creativity Explored – it was great though!