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RoBERT as a young Geraldine Chaplin: Le voyage en douce

RoBERT (or to give her right name – Myriam Roulet) was cast to play a young Geraldine Chaplin in Michel Deville’s 1980 film Le voyage en douce.  They couldn’t have found a better person for the role, look:

Geraldine Chaplin 1RoBERT Le voyage en douce 1

Geraldine Chaplin plays a character called Lucie, who one evening turns up at the home of her school friend Hélène unexpectedly.  She’s in a bit of a state but it’s fair to say she’s a bit of a drama queen.  She say’s she’s left her husband François because he lets their dog stay in the bedroom when they’re making love.  It’s a reason, I suppose.

Anyway, Hélène is also a little odd – she leaves her husband and kids behind to go off on the road with Lucie for a few days.  They spend their time together reminiscing, telling stories – half remembered and half made up – sharing fantasies.  You don’t know what’s real and what’s not; neither do they sometimes.  They both come across as being slightly bored with their lives – some of the time Hélène writes books for children but the rest of the time she spends fantasising about sexual encounters that never came to pass.  In the end Lucie goes back to her husband but the film ends with Hélène reenacting Lucie’s arrival at her apartment, taking the role of Lucie herself.  Really she just needs to let herself in the apartment and spend some quality time with her husband who is waiting for her – that’s what I think anyway.

It’s watchable but I found Hélène’s character quite manipulative and a bit cold and scary.  I’m glad I don’t have a friend like her, but that’s probably just me…

Some pictures of a very young RoBERT from Le voyage en douce:

RoBERT Le voyage en douce 2RoBERT Le voyage en douce 3RoBERT Le voyage en douce 4RoBERT Le voyage en douce 5RoBERT Le voyage en douce 6RoBERT Le voyage en douce 7RoBERT Le voyage en douce 8RoBERT Le voyage en douce 9RoBERT Le voyage en douce 10RoBERT Le voyage en douce 11RoBERT Le voyage en douce 12RoBERT Le voyage en douce 13RoBERT Le voyage en douce 14RoBERT Le voyage en douce 15


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