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Guess Who I Bumped Into: Kelley Stoltz

That’s right! I only saw Kelley Stoltz playing live in March of this year in Bath, where I live (you can see a couple of photos from the gig here), and a few months later I’m on holiday in San Francisco, minding my own business, and desperately searching for some decent vinyl to buy when who should I see in Grooves record shop but, yes, Mr Kelley Stoltz!  Here’s the evidence, folks:


He very kindly posed for a photo for me, aw!  Grooves is a great little record store – no website as far as I can tell but why does that not surprise me? – jam packed with vinyl but unfortunately for me most of it is albums – I collect 7″s and EPs in the main and only buy vinyl albums if it’s something otherwise unavailable or special for other reasons, but anyway, why burden you with my troubles, eh?


Grooves record shop, 1797 Market Street (nr Octavia) – go in the afternoon; they don’t open on time. Or go to It’s Tops! Diner next door whilst you wait – it’s super!

They didn’t have anything for me on this occasion but I’d definitely go back if I ever get the chance to go back to San Francisco (let’s face it, it was the first time I’d ever left Europe so I doubt I’ll get back there anytime soon…).  It was lovely to bump into Kelley Stoltz again – he’s a really friendly chap and I’m only sorry that I didn’t get to see him supporting Echo & the Bunnymen at the Regency Ballroom.  Hopefully he’ll be back in the UK some time.  Nice to see you again, Mr Stoltz!

I got one amazing find whilst in San Francisco and it was from Amoeba, but I have to tell you I was massively disappointed with Amoeba really – even so, I got a lovely Seeds 7″ complete with full colour picture sleeve.  Talking of which, I still have to edit my “When I Met Sky Saxon” story but one of these days I will get around to that and share the experience on Hero Culte.  They say don’t meet your heroes, isn’t that right..?

Photos by me (Raechel Leigh Carter, Hero Culte), taken on my £29 Olympus Trip which I so adore.  If you’re gonna nick or borrow me photos, be decent and credit me – okay?

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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.

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