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Antoine Muraccioli in the USA

Trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t post anything in July! I went to San Francisco for my holiday this year and I got a bunch of stuff whilst there.  One of my favourite finds was a magazine called Datebook from February 1967 – it features a one-and-a-half page article about the French singer Antoine, who I like a lot.  I didn’t know any of this information before so I thought I’d share it here –  it will be of interest to Warhol/VU fans as well.

Antoine001 Antoine002

Hopefully the scans are good enough that you can read the full story but looking into it I see from Antoine’s official website that he was invited over to New York for 24 hours in late 1966 to hang out with Andy Warhol and Nico.  There’s a little video (a couple of minutes long) on his website which you just have to see – follow this link and click on the 1966 New York photo.

Apparently Antoine was met at the airport by “escort” Nico, who had a bunch of bananas for him!

Antoine in the USA

Antoine Nico

This magazine article is from February 1967 but comes a little late as the visit, according to a poster for the event, took place on 5 October 1966.  You can see the poster in the aforementioned video – it refers to the event as “Antoine’s 10 Hour New York Protest” and says that “Andy Warhol and his girls will conduct an underground bus trip for Antoine” and that you can join them at any bus stop.  Here’s Antoine on the bus:

Antoine USA

The poster also says Antoine will be the first to wear Betsey Johnson’s Rivets-Satins-Velvets and Chromes – I guess that’s what he’s wearing in this photo from the article, apparently it’s blue velvet:

Antoine Betsey Johnson

And Antoine did a screen test for Warhol – I’d love to see that.  Here he is with Warhol:

Antoine Andy Warhol

The whole thing sounds pretty cool and it’s got me thinking – I remember seeing an old interview with Debbie Harry in a documentary film and I was impressed that she had an Antoine EP on her wall.  I’m guessing she picked up on Antoine after the Warhol event.  Anyway, I wonder what the protest meeting with The Fugs was all about?  I’d love to know more about this 10 hour Antoine/New York event, so get in touch if you have any other information.

Antoine Pinball

And, finally, if you read the article, marvel at all the exclamation marks!!! AND ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS!!!  BAM!!!

Antoine Nico Bananas

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2 responses to “Antoine Muraccioli in the USA

  1. Antoine

    Hi Tinynoggin, this is…. Antoine himself ! I enjoyed reading this page, and I send you greetings from Paris; we’ve put a link to your page on our website, in my October 2015 letter ; do you have a copy of this issue of Datebook ? I have found photos of me with Nico, but I would like to find the photo with Andy, if only a good scan of the magazine. Did you see this story in the New York Times a few months ago (see the 4th photo). The best to you !

    • Hi Antoine! So delighted to hear from you – I’m a massive fan of your work, so it’s a honour. Yes, I have the Datebook magazine – if you would like it, it’s yours. I sent an email to you – let me know where to send the magazine. Love from Hero Culte (Raechel aka Tinynoggin) PS an interview would the site would be great!

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