Who is Barbara?


My boyfriend David (known as Dave to his friends) ordered himself a second hand copy of a book by Chuck Laszewski about the actor, singer and social activist Dean Reed – Rock ‘n’ Roll Radical: the Life and Mysterious Death of Dean Reed (published by Beaver’s Pond Press).  t looks very interesting.  Some people wonder whether Dean Reed committed suicide or whether he was murdered, but me, I wonder who Barbara is…

The book arrived in the post today and when Dave opened it and flicked through the pages, he saw some pink Post-It notes stuck to several pages.  One of them said:  “David – I LOVE you very MUCH – Barbara” .  We were both shocked at the coincidence that this book had previously belonged to someone called David and we looked at the other pink notes to see what they said.  Here they are in page order:


Oddly, Barbara has stuck a note “You make me feel safe” for David on a page where Dean Reed tells his wife she has to quit the film she’s working on or he’ll divorce her!


And then Barbara has written “We have a good time doing simple things” on a page where Dean has sex with Wiebke Dorndeck until dawn – saucy!


Barbara feels “so happy & settled when I’m w/you” now – and this is stuck to a page where Dean Reed is having marital troubles and Wiebke is allegedly spying on him for the Stasi…


“David – I LOVE you very MUCH – barbara”


When Dean Reed is depressed and needs to see a psychiatrist, Barbara posts a note to David “think of me when you see this note” – my mind boggles…


And when Dean Reed is dead and his family find inconsistencies in the story of how he died, Barbara tells David “I sleep so well when you’re next to me in bed”


Barbara’s final note to David – “Even though this is the end of your book…” (it isn’t quite, it’s the penultimate page!) “We’ve only just begun…”

Very strange little collection of notes there – and David left them in the book when he gave it away or sold it, so I am guessing that although they may only just have begun back then that Barbara is no longer sleeping well in the bed next to David… Kinda sad really.  They could still be together but if they are David didn’t bother to keep Barbara’s notes when he discarded the book…

Back to my David (Dave), I was kidding him that someone called Barbara at the second-hand bookstore was stalking him and that she put the notes in the book especially for him.  And THEN…!


…I noticed this at the front of the book – an inscription presumably from the author of the book: Chuck Laszewski.  He refers to David as his “favourite left-handed guitarist” – and my David just happens to be a left-handed guitarist!!!

Maybe someone is spying on us?  I tell you what, they’d be bored to tears – we spend all our time reading, writing, watching films and listening to music.  There’s nothing to report.  Except odd little mysteries like this one.  Just who is Barbara?  And who is David?

My Favourite Stuff: Leonie En Alabama Japanese single

I was very pleased to add this lovely Japanese Léonie single to my collection.  I had seen a photograph of it before on a French vinyl database site but I never thought I would manage to track a copy down.  I’m not sure if the Disques Motors version is in stereo, but this one is mono.  The running times are exactly the same, so there’s no apparent difference in the versions.  The photograph on the cover is another shot from the Jardin Anglais photo shoot – a nicer one, I think.  The lyrics are provided on the back of the record sleeve.

Label – Victor World Group

Catalogue No – JET-2092 (VIR – 1031) (MT-4014)

Matrix / Runout: Side 1  MT 4014 A K11 1+ 3

Matrix / Runout: Side 2  MT 4014 B 11 +

Leonie Japanese001Leonie Japanese002Leonie Japanese003Leonie Japanese004

I have also found a little article in English referencing Léonie – it’s from Billboard 3 February 1968.  Makes you wonder whether Philips made Léonie dress like that for the sleeve of the EP just to cash in on the Bonnie & Clyde craze.  Funny thing is, I have a French music show from that period which was entirely Bonnie & Clyde themed (Serge Gainsbourg plays Bonnie & Clyde on a ukulele as he has no Bardot to duet with!) but Léonie does not make an appearance on the show.

Leonie Billboard 3 Feb 1968