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My Favourite Stuff: Leonie sings Lennon in Spanish

Where has Léonie been all my life?  I have a bit of a soft spot for female singers with a fragile voice, like RoBERT and Jane Birkin, and
Léonie is definitely in that ball park.  So, I’ve only just discovered Léonie recently when my boyfriend bought me her single En Alabama because it was a collaborative project with both Jean-Claude Vannier (I LOVE him!) and Christophe (I LOVE him!).  Turns out that En Alabama just happened to be based on one of my favourite J-C V compositions, so that coupled with Léonie’s sweet vocals and the fact that the very special Christophe was heavily involved just meant it was a love affair that had to happen sooner or later.

Anyway, a week or so later whilst on holiday I found a single that Léonie wrote the lyrics for and then when I got home she was on a TV show on Melody TV:  Système 2 (15/06/75) singing an extract from her single So Long, John:

Leonie Systeme 2 1Léonie with Laurent Vergez, Daniel Seff and Didier Marouani

Leonie Systeme 2 2Leonie Systeme 2 3

It seems like she was fated to be my new favourite singer!  And it’s still very early days with my Léonie collection but I have now found this little beauty:

leonie_spanish_frontYes, this is not only a Spanish issue of the Lennon / Lilith single (again a collaboration with Christophe, but instead of Jean-Claude Vannier, on this occasion she worked with Karl-Heinz Schäfer – with great results too), but the A-side is also sung in Spanish!  It’s a beautiful single and I am so very happy to have it in my collection.  What is more, it seems that Lennon/Lilith also came out as a separate Spanish release in its standard version.  Check out the back cover:


I will definitely be writing more about Léonie very, very soon.  It’s a whirlwind romance for me and Léonie but I think it’s a love that will last!


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3 responses to “My Favourite Stuff: Leonie sings Lennon in Spanish

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  2. so good to read something about Léonie, now I´ll die if I don´t listen to Lilith in Spanish! any idea where I can find it?

    • Hi Carlos! Actually it’s only Lennon in Spanish on that single, not Lilith, and there is so little dialogue in Lennon that you would hardly know it’s in Spanish, but it is worth a listen if you can track it down. Her records are really hard to find, aren’t they? I am going to try and find them all, so wish me luck with that! Thanks for visiting the blog. Hopefully there will be more about Leonie if I can track down anything exciting. Best wishes Raechel

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