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My Favourite Stuff: Halfnelson Sparks promo photo

A couple of years ago I found a promo photo of Halfnelson – the pre-Sparks band – in a Berlin flea market for a couple of euros or so.  It was kept somewhere “safe”, which meant that basically I haven’t been able to find it for the past couple of years.  It finally surfaced today and here it is:


I only recognised Russell – Ron looks very different, but pretty cool nonetheless.  A great photo and I even like the font on the Halfnelson stamp on the back of the image.  No doubt there will be more on Sparks on here at some point.

August 2013:  As a postscript to this original post, I should say that I was in Amsterdam recently and realised that I got this photograph of Halfnelson in Amsterdam and not Berlin as I previously though, because at one of the Amsterdam flea markets I found some other music photographs.  No more Halfnelson stuff unfortunately.  But this little Sparks treasure – below, a Muziek Parade photo postcard – was picked up in an Amsterdam film poster shop, of all places:

Sparks postcard


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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.

4 responses to “My Favourite Stuff: Halfnelson Sparks promo photo

  1. Ruud

    Nice to read about Sparks here. Should you be interested in any rare or live recordings, drop me a line. Best regards, Ruud (

    • Thanks, Ruud. Do you do trades or just sell stuff? If you comment on here then maybe a few other people will see and contact you if they’re interested in Sparks live stuff which I am assuming is from TV broadcasts? Anyway, thanks for getting in touch.

      • ruudswart

        Hi tinynoggin,

        Thanks for your response. I don’t sell my recordings, or even trade for that matter, although I’m obviously always open to recordings that I don’t have yet. I’ve just been involved in following and collecting Sparks since 1974, having run a fan club from Holland and the FanMael website. I just like sharing my collection with other people that can appreciate it. The live stuff are partly from broadcasts but a large part is from private audience recordings. There’s also demos and outtakes. You can check it out on, although the list needs updating. Just let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll send it or upload it for you to download.

        Best wishes,

      • Hi Ruud!

        Sorry for the massive delay in responding to this – not sure what happened there but time has flown by! Many, many thanks for this – it’s so lovely of you. I#ll definitely be checking out your list and I’m sure other Sparks fans will too.

        All the very best to you from the UK,


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