My Favourite Stuff: Halfnelson Sparks promo photo

A couple of years ago I found a promo photo of Halfnelson – the pre-Sparks band – in a Berlin flea market for a couple of euros or so.  It was kept somewhere “safe”, which meant that basically I haven’t been able to find it for the past couple of years.  It finally surfaced today and here it is:


I only recognised Russell – Ron looks very different, but pretty cool nonetheless.  A great photo and I even like the font on the Halfnelson stamp on the back of the image.  No doubt there will be more on Sparks on here at some point.

August 2013:  As a postscript to this original post, I should say that I was in Amsterdam recently and realised that I got this photograph of Halfnelson in Amsterdam and not Berlin as I previously though, because at one of the Amsterdam flea markets I found some other music photographs.  No more Halfnelson stuff unfortunately.  But this little Sparks treasure – below, a Muziek Parade photo postcard – was picked up in an Amsterdam film poster shop, of all places:

Sparks postcard

Margaret Lee in Stop Magazine

Here’s an article about one of my favourite actresses: Margaret Lee.  It’s from a French magazine called Stop (issue no 28).   There’s no interview as such – it just says that the readers of Stop magazine had written in requesting to see more of Margaret and, of course, Stop magazine were only too happy to oblige with several pages of photos (some topless).

The article says that Margaret was engaged as Marilyn Monroe’s double for the film Something’s Got to Give (and looking at the photos in Stop you can see why) but that she had recently made an appearance in an Italian film called Avventura al motel (dir Renato Polselli, 1963).  I haven’t see that film but it seems it is little more than a series of sketches about a number of people who were having illicit affairs in a motel.  They seemed to have a lot of those silly sketch films in Italy in the early 1960s – I’m sure Margaret could have been used to better effect elsewhere, but I guess she always looked fabulous so what the hell, eh?

Anyway, judge for yourself – here she is:

margaret-lee---stop001 margaret-lee---stop002 margaret-lee---stop003 margaret-lee---stop004


Brian Eno and his cat

I finally got to see The British Guide to Showing Off (dir Jes Benstock, 2011), a film about Andrew Logan and his Alternative Miss World Show.  The film is really good fun and I would definitely recommend seeing it.  Everyone is in it from Grayson Perry, to Leigh Bowery, to Carroll Baker, to Fenella Fielding.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, aside from all the outrageous costumes, glittery artwork and shenanigans, the thing I loved most about the film was Brian Eno’s cat who could definitely have his/her own film:  “The Cat’s Guide to Stealing the Show”.  During Eno’s interview the cat disrupted everything by constantly walking into frame, jumping on his shoulder and muffling his mic by sitting on it.  I can’t explain what is so funny about it, I think it’s the expression on the cat’s face – so serious looking.  At one point Eno feigns shooing the cat away but you can tell that really he loves having the cat around and he doesn’t mean it, which is presumably why the cat takes no notice whatsoever.

Forget Grumpy Cat, here, for your enjoyment (and mine), is Eno’s Cat:

Eno Cat 1 Eno Cat 2 Eno Cat 3 Eno Cat 4 Eno Cat 5 Eno Cat 6 Eno Cat 7 Eno Cat 8 Eno Cat 9 Eno Cat 10 Eno Cat 11 Eno Cat 12 Eno Cat 13 Eno Cat 14 Eno Cat 15 Eno Cat 16 Eno Cat 17 Eno Cat 18 Eno Cat 19 Eno Cat 20 Eno Cat 21 Eno Cat 22 Eno Cat 23 Eno Cat 24 Eno Cat 25 Eno Cat 26 Eno Cat 27 Eno Cat 28 Eno Cat 29 Eno Cat 30 Eno Cat 31 Eno Cat 32 Eno Cat 33 Eno Cat 34

My Favourite Things: Zouzou autograph

Zouzou (Danièle Ciarlet) is one of my favourite French singers so when I saw this photograph of her peering over Sonny Bono’s shoulder I wanted it.  Furthermore it is apparently signed by Zouzou.  I bought it immediately!

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the signature but then who would bother forging Zouzou’s signature, especially on a photograph where she just half-appears in the top right hand corner?  I’d like to think it’s genuine but I just really, really love this photo anyway – how cool does Sonny Bono look in that get-up?  And what was Zouzou doing in a car with him?!  I love it.