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Marcello Mastroianni in his jimjams

I recently watched Jacques Demy’s A Slightly Pregnant Man (aka L’Événement le plus important depuis que l’homme a marché sur la Lune) from 1973.  It stars Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve as a couple who are expecting their second child, but the twist being that this time Marcello is pregnant not Catherine.  Obviously hilarity ensues but aside from my slight disappointment that Marcello was not looking his best in this film, I really enjoyed the film and was most impressed by the costumes – Catherine Deneuve’s in particular.  Instead of looking her usual cool and elegant self, she looks fluffy and colourful and eccentric in this film; it’s a much better look.

So this is not so much a review of the film – which I do recommend if you want something light, fun and ever so slightly camp to watch – as an excuse to show some great clothes from 1973:

A Slightly Pregnant Man 1 A Slightly Pregnant Man 2 A Slightly Pregnant Man 3

This is not a good outfit for Marcello but I rather like the Jungle pinball machine he’s standing next to

A Slightly Pregnant Man 4 A Slightly Pregnant Man 5 A Slightly Pregnant Man 6

The first sighting of Marcello in his orange and brown pyjamas – I think you’ll agree he looks a bobby dazzler in them

A Slightly Pregnant Man 7 A Slightly Pregnant Man 8 A Slightly Pregnant Man 9 A Slightly Pregnant Man 10 A Slightly Pregnant Man 11

I don’t know what’s more disturbing about this – the pot belly or the nicotine stained fingers?

A Slightly Pregnant Man 12 A Slightly Pregnant Man 13 A Slightly Pregnant Man 14 A Slightly Pregnant Man 15 A Slightly Pregnant Man 16

I don’t know why but since I saw Yasuzô Masumura’s Blind Beast (1969) I have become fascinated by sculptures of body parts – this huge thumb in the medical specialist’s office is amazing

A Slightly Pregnant Man 17

And talking of amazing – check out this v-neck sweater.  It’s a crying shame he’s wearing it underneath that ugly jacket

A Slightly Pregnant Man 18A Slightly Pregnant Man 19 A Slightly Pregnant Man 20 A Slightly Pregnant Man 21 A Slightly Pregnant Man 22 A Slightly Pregnant Man 23 A Slightly Pregnant Man 24 A Slightly Pregnant Man 25 A Slightly Pregnant Man 26 A Slightly Pregnant Man 27

Check out those shoes!

A Slightly Pregnant Man 28 A Slightly Pregnant Man 29 A Slightly Pregnant Man 30

Hats off to Gitt Magrini for the costume design.

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8 responses to “Marcello Mastroianni in his jimjams

  1. I wanted to be Marcello when I grew up. It didn’t happen (sigh).

    • Aw! But if you’ve seen him in any of the later films like Neapolitan Mystery (that’s just the one that happens to spring to mind whilst writing) you start to wonder what went wrong. But, yeah, who wouldn’t want to be Marcello? I wouldn’t even mind those pyjamas…

      • I don’t think that Marcello ever had any fancy-schmancy delusions about what movies (films, cinema) could or should be. I think he enjoyed acting, and being Marcello. No doubt he’s been in some real trash, but so has everybody. Except maybe Ian McKellen. (oh yeah, the x-men…)

      • No, and why should he? I like that about him. What I actually meant was things started to go bad around that period with the way he looked. Aging, slightly heavier, the moustache! I don’t suppose he cared about that either though and why should he? He was Marcello, he didn’t need to worry. But, good lord, he was handsome back in the day!

      • Age doesn’t seem to help many of us. But I think that Marcello wore it well. I liked him in Used People, even though I wasn’t crazy about the movie.

      • I haven’t seen that one – I shall have to find a copy and check it out!

  2. Dhiraj

    Marcello Mastroianni’s easy charm was an ideal vehicle for portraying decadence. His nonchalant air was redolent with womanizing and sex. However this decadence was aloof. It rarely expressed itself in unabashed glee. A more likely expression was an amused shrug and resigned surrender to the demands of hedonism.

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