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My Favourite Stuff: flowers from Robert, Princesse de rien

When I wrote the article about the French singer RoBERT the other day, I somehow forgot to include this photograph of my RoBERT daisies:20130218_112837

One of my favourite concert memories, these fake daisies were purloined from the stage after one of her shows at the Café de la Danse – I don’t feel bad about stealing them, as I recall it we all invaded the stage afterwards and got the set lists and daisies by the handful.  I’m sure RoBERT expected / wanted us to steal them!

To see the daisies in their natural habitat, see these photographs also stolen from the RoBERT website many years ago:

Concert7 concert13 robert17A couple of my flowers have long black hairs ensnared in them – the hair of a Princess; a Princess named RoBERT.

Another photograph, this time without the daisies but with other flowers – just because it’s a beautiful shot.  I think it’s from the Colchique Mon Amour video shoot:


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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.

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