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Primal Scream at The Garage, Nottingham

Back in the mid to late 1980s I was into indie bands – C86 and all of that.  Primal Scream, The Bodines and The Mighty Lemon Drops were my absolute favourites.  I saw them all as often as I could when they came to Nottingham.  Today I found these photographs I took of Primal Scream playing at The Garage in Nottingham some time in the 1980’s – sad to say I can’t even remember who was supporting them on this occasion or even the date of the gig.  Maybe someone can let me know.

The photos were taken with a basic point and click, no focus, built-in flash camera from Boots the Chemist – it was my dad’s and I borrowed it for the occasion as I didn’t have a camera myself.  So, nothing fancy and I’ve not cropped or touched these photos up or anything – here they are as they are.  Please remember, if you are going to share these photographs elsewhere on the internet or in print that you must credit them to me, Raechel Leigh Carter and the website Hero Culte.  Sorry to have to point that out – most people are decent enough to do that, but some people need it spelling out.  Anyway, here you go:

Primal Scream004 Primal Scream005 Primal Scream006 Primal Scream007 Primal Scream008 Primal Scream009 Primal Scream010 Primal Scream011 Primal Scream012 Primal Scream013 Primal Scream014 Primal Scream015 Primal Scream016 Primal Scream017 Primal Scream018 Primal Scream019 Primal Scream020 Primal Scream021 Primal Scream022 Primal Scream023

I’ve not liked anything Primal Scream have done since the Creation Records days so my love for them was very short-lived indeed!  Short-lived but intense.  I went off Primal Scream when Sonic Flower Groove came out as it just didn’t have the sound I had anticipated – I much preferred the bootleg live tapes I had back in those days.  So I moved on, but luckily for me being a fan of Primal Scream had introduced me to certain 1960s American garage punk and baroque pop bands so I had something to replace them with.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about some of those bands at some point.

Anyway, here are some really rather frightening autographs, artwork and notes from various members of Primal Scream (note that nobody ever writes my name correctly, even when I’m spelling it out for them):

Primal Scream001 Primal Scream002 Primal Scream003Primal Scream autographs001

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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.

23 responses to “Primal Scream at The Garage, Nottingham

  1. Rooksby

    I think those P.S. photos may have been taken in May 1986 – the supports (on that occasion) were Felt & The Weather Prophets. Great pics, by the way – got any more Garage stuff from that era, it was a great little club in it’s day…?

    • Hi! Thanks for viewing the site. I think though that this gig must have been 1987 as I was only 15 in May 1986 and although I might have liked to go to gigs then I only started going to gigs when I was 16! In fact, now thinking about it I’m certain it must have been ’87. Do you know who played with Primal Scream at the Garage in 1987? Maybe it was Loop. I definitely saw Loop playing a couple of times in Nottingham. Unfortunately I don’t have any other band photos from the 1980s bar a big batch of The Wild Swans at Rock City in February 1988. I didn’t have my own camera back then, although looking back now I really wish I had as I saw loads of great gigs. Are you from Nottingham?

  2. Rooksby

    Hmmm, I saw Loop a couple of times in Nottingham back then, but never at The Garage. And, sadly, the only time I saw he original Primals was in support to The Jesus & Mary Chain at the dreaded (!) Rock City (I taped both sets so there’s doubtless a cassette rotting in a box somewhere). I still have a flyer for that May ’86 Garage show, otherwise the details would’ve been lost in the swirling mists of time, etc…. I could kick myself for not keeping a diary of my comings & goings back then, I saw SO MANY terrific bands, it seems like I was going to at least one crucial gig a week in retrospect – God knows how I afforded it!

    Yep, I’m from Nottingham. Am still living there actually. It’s a bit of a dump – where isn’t these days? – but it’s cheap, at least… & there are decent gigs here every so often. How about you? Were you studying here, or “indigenous”? 🙂

    • Yes, I’m from Nottingham but I’ve not lived there for years now – I was going to several gigs a week back in the late 80’s and sad to say I did keep a gig diary and concert tickets and flyers and everything but over the years I had to get rid of it all due to lack of space :0( It was a bit of a heyday back then – so many good gigs and so many venues to choose from in Nottingham back then. The state of the music industry these days and the way downloads have almost killed off vinyl and singles makes me depressed. But we all have to get old. Sigh!

  3. Rooksby

    “Ironically” there are still lots of decent venues in Nottingham, & plenty of gigs too, but sadly most of the latter aren’t particularly interesting (though, obviously, I’ve been spoilt in the past & am rather biased). Record shops are a bit thin on the ground here nowadays though – Selectadisc bit the dust a few years ago, dunno if you heard about that, v. sad.

    But, yep, we had it pretty good here “back then” – Peel’s influence over the independent scene (more so than, for instance, the NME’s) meant that there would often be half a dozen bands on a bill, & most of them would be good – or “interesting” anyway. People think I’m bullshitting when I tell them I saw (for example) Sonic Youth play to 30-odd people here, but it definitely happened! 🙂

    The music industry may be on it’s last legs, but there are as many bands releasing 7″s as there ever were – the D.I.Y. scene is teeming with new stuff, though music lovers of “our” age (sorry!) may find that a lot of it sounds strangely familiar. Even the humble cassette is in-vogue again – I’ve bought a few tape-only demos recently… how great/daft is that?

    • Brilliant! I’m glad people are still doing stuff for themselves. The internet helps, of course, getting to a much bigger audience than you ever could with a little fanzine. Yeah, Selectadisc just grew a little bit too much, didn’t it? I remember there were about 4 or 5 separate shops on Market Street at one point and there’s just no need for that. It was THE record store back in the 80s though and I also rather liked the little independent one in the West End Arcade (forgotten the name but it’s long gone, of course). Happy to see Rob’s is still around, of course. He always says he’s tidied up but it’s always rammed to the rafters with stuff getting knackered, which is a shame as he always has great records and knows exactly what he’s got as well. I swear Rob has a photographic memory as he remembers me even after all these years and all the different hairstyles and looks I have sported. I bet he can even remember what records he has sold me over the years!

  4. Rooksby

    Aha, I think you might mean Arcade Records? Yep, I used to pick up a lot of good stuff in there that Selectadisc didn’t bother stocking (v. cheap too!) – I always found my Moodists LPs in there for some reason, S’disc seemed to have a definite aversion to ’em! There are still a couple of v. decent 2nd hand vinyl shops in the arcade these days, if ever you pay Nott’m a return visit. And, yes, Rob’s Records continues to… fester. His shop looks like something out of a Polanski film these days! 🙂

    • Hi! Yes, Arcade Records. I loved it. I have been in Rob’s Records and those record shops in the arcade recently – I go back to Nottingham every few weeks or so. It’s not the same as it used to be for record shops, but it’s still pretty good really. You’re lucky!

  5. krautrocknow ⋅

    I’d say 1987 – mid 1987? A little while before the FSD appearance which i am sure was late in the year or maybe actually broadcast in early 1988.
    Here’s the clip

    Those are superb photos. Many gig photos of the time taken with a point and click camera are terrible and are just a single shots. This is a great set of the band. Bit of a shame you didn’t take any that include the audience as those shots would have just been like stepping into a time machine. Like you i have some superb Primal Scream live tapes. Four gigs on one AD90! And the Peel Session versions were superb too. I heard Sonic Flower Groove first and loved it… but the live stuff has a quality/feel that i have never heard elsewhere. Top stuff!

  6. Just noticed the second photo down has Bobby mid confetti throw. That. Is. Award. Winning! If there was an award for capturing all that was indie about the period when-indie-was-indie then Gillespie-one-eye-obscured-by-blow throwing confetti with one hand, while the other is held in a faintly camp way, in a venue that with a 7ft clearance, painted black and white hits it. And of course the other thing is that in the next photo he appears to swigging from a bottle of wine. The two together are poetry. I noted your message re crediting your work. I’ve still not got round to getting that book “a time between” – were these photos in it? If anyone ever asks you for permission to reproduce them in a book i think you must insist that the two i have messed myself over are published together.

  7. the should read Gillespie one-eye-obscured-by-BOWL… or maybe bob. I prefer bowl.

    • Ha ha! Thank you for all the kind comments. It was a bottle of wine and it was his bottle of wine. The gig was crazy – I was fairly young and was a bit shocked to be asked if I had any “pills”. I didn’t. At one point we were all piling on the tiny stage and trying to rip off bits of Bobby Gillespie’s shirt and he begged us not to as it was his favourite shirt. Also I recall we were all strumming on the guitar as well – if anyone has a bootleg of it I wonder what it will sound like! Such a tiny venue there was little distinction between the stage and the audience. I doubt my photos are in that book – no one contacted me anyway. Pretty good for a Boots the Chemist point and click all-in-one camera, eh? I just wish I had had a camera for all the other gigs I have been to over the years. Making up for lost time/opportunities now though! Thanks for visiting the site. All the best Raechel

    • By the way, I think the confetti was made out of cut up Yellow Pages!

  8. Ade Berry

    I was in the support band Mango Groovy. Still have the poster. We got back together as Alberteen 5 years ago and have had 2 BBC6 sessions since if anyone interested. I was chatting to Bobby about the gig in Rough Trade earlier this year. I think I was about 16…

    • Excellent! I wish I could say I saw your band but the place was rammed that night and I don’t remember stacks about it. In fact, I can’t recall seeing any support bands – how bad is my memory? Well done for being so active at a young age – I had no idea how to start a band back then and would have been terrified to try. I’ll check out your sessions – thanks for the link. And thanks for visiting the page too. All the best Raechel

  9. Ade Berry

    Oh and House of Love were due to play but didn’t show. We went on before Jasmine Minks. Bobby was wasted

    • Yes, he was absolutely wasted – I was quite naive back then and it was a totally raucous evening. I wish I had kept more records of things so I had a better “recall”. I used to go to several gigs a week back then and kept a scrapbook of flyers and tickets but somewhere along the way I got rid of it all. Nowadays I’d love to have a record of what gigs I went to. And more photos too…

  10. Wow, many thanks for posting these wonderful photographs. I was also there that night, caught in the crush near the front of that tiny stage. I think it was in October 1987 and I seem to remember them playing a version of “White Riot” as an encore, or is my memory playing tricks on me? I do remember coming out of the club slightly worse for wear and walking home through torrential rain. I also saw them in Nottingham in June of the same year at the Old Vic, which is where they were supported by Loop. So many memories of great gigs from those years. Halcyon days indeed.
    Fantastic blog by the way !

    • Aw! Thanks. Amazing – I can’t recall whether they played White Riot but why not, eh? It’s all a bit of a blur now. I’ll ask my friend who was there if he recalls that. I was also at the Loop gig. That was great too. I wish I had taken more photos back then – I take my camera whenever I go to gigs now, but gigs were so much more intimate then and the photos would have been better for it. I feel old!

    • The Old Vic! Was just sitting here trying to remember the name of the venue! I do believe The Electric Cowboy went on first? I see Loop have reformed. Will be seeing them next month at Primavera Sound. 🙂

      • Sorry for the late response (been offline for a bit), but thanks for commenting. Gosh, I wish I had kept all my flyers and tickets and so on – The Electric Cowboy does ring a bell but my memory is so vague these days I couldn’t swear to it. I know that somewhere I have a poster for one of the Primal Scream gigs that I held on to (you know, cut and paste photocopied job) and I’ll try and dig it out at some point. If I find it I will post it on the blog. How were Loop, by the way?

  11. R. Rooksby ⋅

    Hi Rachel, just dropped in again to have another look at these spectacular P.S. pics. Sad news, re: Robert Young, last week, these are definitely the best photographs I’ve ever seen of him, & he was still playing bass at this point too! Hope all’s well, etc. 🙂

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