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Lost and Found: Music Gossip Book Notes

Over a year ago I was shopping down in Brick Lane in London and in a junk shop there I found a Magnet Records folder.  I wondered whether there were any interesting photos or press releases in it – not my favourite record label I must admit, but still… – so I opened it up and had a look.  There were some crappy band photos and press releases in it (can’t even remember what now), nothing of interest at all.  And then I saw these book notes torn from a reporter’s pad and was totally fascinated by them, so I bought the Magnet Records folder anyway just so I could try and decipher what it was all about.  I am SO nosey!

Anyway, should I be sharing these notes here?  I don’t know, probably not, but someone was careless enough with them in the first place and let them get lost – only to be found by me.  As Sparks said, “I ain’t gonna feel bad at all, Lost and Found, Lost and Found, Lost and Found, Lost and Found!”

Lost and Found 10

First up, a very ominous sounding telephone message neatly typed out by someone called Roy.  Who is Paula?  And who is Laurie Miles?  What does she know about Paula’s boyfriend?  Sounds a bit rum to me.

Lost and Found 1

Gossip book

Going to tour and being away

About marriage

  1. Spandau Ballet – altered images videos
  2. Ultravox – Hazel etc
  3. Steve Strange + Martin = Paris
  4. People who think Hazel is the girl who has everything
  5. Do you think you do
  6. Lonliness (sic) – why was she so lonely did she have trouble meeting people

2 pages on

What makes you happiest

Always being photographed and have fun – everyone thinks her, as you think her life is glamourous (sic)

Lost and Found 2It’s v. important part of my life and Im (sic) not doing any of it Im (sic) constantly driving from A – B

I want to go out on a limb.  By being a lonlier (sic) person I’ll get more time

Yeah sometimes – and sometimes Im (sic) v. cynical. Im (sic) disallusioned (sic) by it

I’ve probably childish impression of being married

3 years is the most I can imagine being with anyone at all – A year sounds dreadful.

Lost and Found 3Lived in a big house + my dad lives – people didn’t like me – I was quite a nice little girl.

I told people gradually once they’d got to know me.

He’s such an important part of my career – my dad writes the songs.

I’m planning to move into London – Im (sic) moving to Lon. for privacy and for practical reasons.  I’m really fed up of staying at peoples (sic) houses.  I want somewhere thats (sic) my own.

Most of my day is spent at home.  I love buying records its […]

I’ve got lots of friends mainly girlfriends.  they’re beyond the stage of […]

I genuinely look for the nice side of people, I don’t know how long they’ve (sic) remain friends for.

Ive (sic) never thought of what I’d do – I shudder to think.  I wouldn’t give up.  It would […]

Its (sic) been quite smooth and predictable.  Success has been predictable for me.  Every record […]

I do respect it.  I do value it

Lost and Found 5“I think success is harder to keep than get.”

You’re only as good as your last song.

“In 5 years – I’d like to still (sic) singing in 5 years – Ive (sic) no idea

Most of being Kim W. is not an act its (sic) really its (sic) like real life

Choir, acting dancing I was v. involved – academic school maths + sciences.  V. bad for my kind of thing.

Careers – professionals (sic) singer, probably thought I had grand illusions

Lost and Found 6Lonely – boyfriends money in five years (sic) time family ambitions

What sort of men do you like

Would you like to marry

Which bands do you like (sic) listen to at home

Have you met any of your heroes

Where (sic) you dissappointed (sic)

When you do P.A.’s whats (sic) the fans (sic) reaction to actually meeting you?

Would you cope with a miss

Are you under stress?

Do you ever feel trapped by an image – i.e. party frock quote

debbie (sic) Harry

Treated differently by friends

Moving to London

States what did you think


Consider living elsewhere

not really I know what its (sic) like to be lonely – it wasn’t as I am now

leaving school – then going to a college where I didn’t know anyone.  I vowed never to let it happen, this years (sic) been hunky dory.

Lost and Found 7I dont (sic) feel restricted – maybe Im (sic) blind or stupid I don’t feel like I have to be b.  I like being blonde  Its (sic) a tonic for the troops I remember doing it.

I felt really dull – then I did it and everything was great once I did it.

May – I didn’t see a lot of L.A.  I liked the fact I was in America

Lost and Found 8I was lucky to (sic) in a cadillac I felt like a million $ for the 1st day

Buy (sic) the time I […]

college the Clash, Elvis Costello,

Bryan Ferry,

Robert de Niro

Id (sic) rather not meet Elvis because he’s up there on a pedestal.

they sometimes feel speechless […]

its […]

Theyre (sic) either gormless like Id (sic) feel in front of Elvis

Im (sic) rarely aware […]

I was living in the country in a v. clam peacful (sic) place so it was difficult for me.

I was at this academic – all girls school.  There was no one to help me except my family.

Eventually I’d have got to the point – Id (sic) have done anything.  I did do anything.  It was v. frustrated (sic).  I just wanted to sing.  That was the kind of life I wanted.  I wanted my showbiz to be the one it is now.

It didn’t happen till (sic) I left school.  I did b.v’s [backing vocals] on my mum + dad (sic) on the tour.

So […]

I […]

I wasnt (sic) accepted into other peoples […]

– – O – –

Well, that’s your lot – I’m guessing the interview is with Kim Wilde, but the stuff at the beginning about Spandau Ballet, Altered Images, Ultravox, Hazel, Steve Strange, Martin (Fry? Kemp?) is also intriguing.  I just wish the rest of the notes were there for this gossip book!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed being nosey as much as I did.

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