A Happy Hero Culte Christmas

Hero Culte wishes you a very happy Christmas with some images of Monsieur Serge Gainsbourg in Je vous aime (dir Claude Berri, 1980):

Serge Je vous aime 1 Serge Je vous aime 2 Serge Je vous aime 3

Myself, I’m hoping Father Christmas does exist and that he brings me some Serge Gainsbourg stuff for being a good girl this year!

Anyway, thanks for visiting Hero Culte.  I hope you all have a good Christmas break – carry on visiting Hero Culte for more hero-worship / popular culture / mainly French pop related nonsense in 2013!

Michel Polnareff, rue Oberkampf

On Friday I made a trip to Paris especially to interview my new French pop hero, Évariste.  More on this later as I have a fairly long but very interesting interview to write up.

Anyway, whilst in Paris I could not resist going to take a look at the childhood home of one of my other French pop heroes – Michel Polnareff.  Here is a photograph of 24 rue Oberkampf:


Sorry it’s not more inspiring but it was incredibly cold and wet all day on Friday in Paris and this was the best I could do.  But just imagine the young Polnareff going home here in the late 50’s / early 60’s.  Aw!

Thanks to Dave for getting his camera out on such a wet day to help me out – I took a couple of shots with my Diana F+ but I’ll have to get those processed before I can share them here.