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My Favourite Stuff: Pop-Up Francoise Hardy

Many years ago I found this Françoise Hardy album at a record fair in Birmingham.  I wanted it for all the German language tracks I didn’t have (see track listing below) but what made it even more desirable was the fact that it is a gatefold album with a pop-up Françoise inside it.  I had never seen the album before and I have never seen another copy since (other than a couple of shots of it on the internet) so it has become one of the items I am most proud of in my French singers collection.  Here’s the rather spectacular pop-up:

The track listing is as follows:

  • Die roten Russenstiefel (German language version of Des bottes rouges de Russie)
  • Bald ist so lange her (German language version of Soon is Slipping Away)
  • Er muß reisen (German language version of Il voyage)
  • Fremde Schatten (German language version of Strange Shadows / L’Ombre)
  • Das tut weh (German language version of Les doigts dans la porte)
  • Souvenirs der ersten großen Liebe
  • Träume
  • Einmal, wenn du gehst
  • Zeig mir bei Nacht die Sterne (German language version of Let It Be Me / Je t’appartiens)
  • Was mach’ ich ohne dich (German language version of It Hurts To Say Goodbye / Comment te dire adieu)
  • Wie im Kreis (German language version of All Because of You)
  • Höre auf den Nachtwind (German language version of Song of Winter / Fleur de lune)

The title track to the album, Träume, was performed on an episode of the TV show Sacha Distel : Sylvie Vartan, 29 December 1969.  It’s a wonderful song and the performance, which is very reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich in Der blaue Engel, can be found on the official DVD Françoise Hardy Le temps des souvenirs (Virgin / EMI):

I was also delighted to hear the song featured in Gouttes d’eau sur pierres brûlantes (Water Drops on Burning Rocks), a film by François Ozon based on a play by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

I will include more of my Françoise Hardy items on here shortly as I have quite a nice collection of 1960s sheet music, some original photographs and a lot of vinyl in a variety of languages.


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